Electric Lift Recliner Chair Hire

A guide to understanding powered lift and recline chairs

Lift Recline ChairLift Recline Chair Lift Recline Chair Lift Recline Chair

Electrically operated lift recliner chairs are a type of recliner chair that allows a person to control the entire chair electronically, including the backrest and footrest as well as the lift function. An electric powered lift and recliner chair (also known as a rise and recline chair) will provide increased safety, ease of use, and superior comfort compared to a standard recliner chair.

Many seniors, including arthritis sufferers, find getting up from a couch or chair to be a difficult task. 'Normal' type recliner chairs are often close to the ground and provide very little leverage or support for standing. Sitting for an extended period of time can make getting up a taxing experience for many people.

An electric lift and recline chair has a motor driven lifting mechanism in the chair base which slowly and gently raises the lift recliner up to a semi standing position. With the chair in the fully raised position the occupant is standing and can safely walk from the chair. To sit down the user can raise the chair to its highest point and reverse themselves into it, using the hand controller to lower themselves to a seated position. The lift chair reclines effortlessly, as the back rest and foot rest are also fully motorised and adjustable. All of this is usually accomplished from the reclining lift chair's simple two button controller. And modern lift and recline chairs have a battery backup system to ensure you can still exit from them if a power failure occurs.

Seniors, the infirm, persons with a disability, recovering patients and others are all seeing the benefits of these lift recline chairs (sometimes referred to as a 'riser recliner chair', 'recliner lifter chair' or 'electric riser chair'). They are powerfully attracted by the effortless entry and exit with the ability to control the back rest and foot rest - all at the touch of a button.

There are three main types of lift & recliner chairs:

Two (2) Position Lift Recline Chair:
These lift chairs are only able to recline to approximately 45°. They are ideal for watching TV or relaxing, but are not really suitable for frequent sleeping. This type of chair is usually less expensive than the full lift recliners.

Three (3) Position Lift Recliner Chairs:
This, the most common type of lift chair, is similar in action to normal reclining chairs (with the added effortless electronic control and lifting capability, of course!). The 3 position recliner lift chair will recline to an almost horizontal position, and the footrest moves 'in synch' with the backrest. These chairs are superbly comfortable to sleep in.

Infinite Position Lift Recline Chair:
The infinite position lifter recliner has fully independent backrest and footrest positions, which means it is even more flexible than the normal 3 position lift recline chair. Unlike the 3 position lifter recliner chair, you can fully extend or raise the footrest without reclining the backrest, and vice versa.

It is worth noting that the terms two position recliner lift chair and three position recliner lift chair do not mean that the chair can only be set to a few positions. Every lift recline chair is capable of a range of adjustment, but within its reclining range.

And as these are motorised lift recline chairs, the quiet but powerful electric motor action is controlled electronically with the lightest of touches on a very simple hand controller. So finding the perfect position is both easy and effortless.

Owners and users of lift recline chairs need to be aware of a 'hidden hazard' that exists with these recliner lift chairs. It is vitally important that you ensure that children and pets are not allowed to play near or under the lift chair whilst it is being operated, as there is a very real danger that they could be trapped in the lift chair's mechanism.

There are some special purpose lifting and reclining chairs available:

Bariatric Lift Recline Chairs
Bariatric chairs are specially designed for the larger user, both in size and weight, up to 500kg.

'Wall Hugger' Lift Recline Chairs
Also known as space saver lift recliner chairs, these lifter recliners may be positioned as close as 15cm (6") from a wall.

Closed base lift recline chairs
This model has a completely enclosed base, with the lifting frame independent of the base, providing absolute safety to children and pets who may otherwise become trapped in the mechanism of a standard type recliner chair or lift chair.

Whether you intend to rent or buy a lift recline chair talk to your health care professional to discuss your needs and find out what type of chair is best for you.

A wide range of fabric styles and colours, along with various popular leather and vinyl finishes, are available to suit all lift recliner chair types.

Lift chairs are made in sizes to suit different people's heights and weights. It is important to get the right size lift recline chair - for example a lift chair designed for shorter people may not rise high enough to suit a taller occupant.  The lift and recline chair seat width and depth will also vary.

Some lift recline chairs are designed with compartments for remote controls, books & magazines. Optional heating and/or massage systems are available for the ultimate in comfort and therapeutic use.

Some lift recline chairs (usually infinite position lift recliner chairs) have an optional bed pad 'mattress' that gives  maximum possible comfort while in the fully reclined position, and may also offer the 'Trendelenburg' position (feet above the heart).

A reclining lift chair can literally change your life for the better. Apart from the freedom such a chair gives, they are therapeutic in many ways, and can also dramatically reduce the chance of a fall;  a lift recline chair is a long-lasting and attactive piece of furniture, and a great investment.

This article was researched and written by Mark Thomas of MobilityRentals & Sales. MobilityRentals & Sales was founded to provide rental of high quality medical equipment to Nursing Homes and Aged Care facilities in SE Queensland.