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Most physically disabled people benefit from anything that will improve their feeling of independence and allow them to enjoy life as much as their condition allows. Mobility  equipment can assist you to better perform your daily chores and go about your normal day to day activites, both at home and in the wider community.

Having access to the right mobility aids and equipment can prevent or alleviate feelings of insecurity, depression and lack of confidence.

There is a wide variety of mobility equipment available from manufacturers of disability equipment for handicapped people and those with impaired mobility, which are safe and easy to use.

Our disability equipment and mobility aids are grouped into three sub-categories for easier choice:


A Rollator can be described as a wheeled walker used as a mobility aid by a frail or disabled person. This allows them to get about without the need for assistance from someone else.

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Walking aids

Walking aids are those pieces of equipment that assist elderly infirm or physically handicapped people to move around, mostly short distances. Generally such people would be at risk to use a wheeled walker, due to infirmity. Walking equipment are also use by convalescents and those recovering from accident or protracted illness. Examples of walking equipment are walking sticks, quad canes, walking frames, and crutches.

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You can rent either: attendant propelled wheelchairs or self propelled wheelchairs. Attendant propelled wheelchairs are designed, usually with small wheels front and back, to be pushed by an attendant or carer. The self propelled wheelchair has large rear wheels which are used to propel the wheelchair.

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And now you can rent or hire your mobility equipment in Brisbane. In fact, we can deliver to anywhere in Queensland or throughout Australia.

You can also buy our mobility equipment, both new and used. Please ask us for prices.

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